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Adoring Fan; Hello, Mellow.

Mellow; Hey, your Porthos friend right?

Adoring Fan; Yes, nice of some people to remember I have a name.

Mellow; So when do we begin. Also can we go some where more private?

Adoring Fan; I do all my interviews here at the Oak and Crosier.

Mellow; All right, Its just that some of my friends might.

Kaleah; Make sure you tell the truth, the whole truth. And nothing but the truth.

Adoring Fan; By Azura your the Black Rose. Former arena grand Champion.

Kaleah; Time for me to get drinking.

Mellow: If only I could get her to leave that fast.

Adoring Fan; Its a gift, now lets get started. Is your name really Mellow?

Mellow; Yes, Its Mellow Victoria Sweeney.

Adoring Fan; And How old are you?

Mellow; I'm eighteen going on nineteen in two months.

Adoring Fan; All right, What are your measurements?

Mellow; (Blushing) Small.

Kaleah; Tell them Tiny.

Mellow; Kaleah, Don't you have some guy you want to smother between those. (points at Kaleahs chest)

Kaleah; Your just jealous. (walks away)

Adoring Fan; I wish I could die like that.

Mellow; ...

Adoring Fan; let's move on, What's your favorite meal?

Mellow; MUTTON!

Adoring Fan; Mutton?

Mellow; Yeah have you tried Macon or a Lancashire hotpot? And with all these prime lambs in Chorrol.

Adoring Fan; Well then, Is there any one you loath?

Mellow; Leiutenant Skyler Carlson.

Adoring Fan; Carlson?

Mellow: She tried getting me locked up for littering. Its why I have to wear this dumb guard uniform for a month.

Adoring Fan; She does take her job seriously.

Mellow; Yeah but does she have to have a stick up her (censored) all the time?

Adoring Fan; Speaking of Imperials, what do you think about the current Emperor?

Mellow: I like him. I mean have you read about what hes done with his life? I wish his sons weren't married all ready. I mean can you see me as Empress Mellow Victoria Septim?

Adoring Fan; Bit full of your self.

Mellow; Aim high right?

Adoring Fan; Next question, where do you live?

Mellow; With my sister, She's with the mages guild and so lovely. I want to grow up like her.

Adoring Fan; And where do you like to go to be alone?

Mellow; The Chorrol Bath House, Its so relaxing and the conversations you have with your neighbors. Sorry you can't follow me in.

Adoring Fan; My lose right. Whats your Favorite pastime? After bathing.

Mellow; Reading I guess,

Adoring Fan; you guess?

Mellow; My sister thinks I'll be a great mage one day. But really I'm sick of learning so many spells.

Adoring Fan; You could always get tattoo's that work as notes right.

Mellow; Yeah but then I'd need the spell on my left foot just when I can't get to it to save my life.

Adoring Fan; Good point. Moving on again, what is your favorite weapon?

Mellow; Claymores, you ever run into a zombie with one?

Adoring Fan; No I can't say I have.

Mellow; Well you take one of those to their hear, or chest, or feet and these guys go down real fast. And don't get me started on those Skelletons. (Winks when she says skelletons)

Adoring Fan; And what is your sexual orientation?

Mellow; Whats?

Adoring Fan; Guys or girls. Both or neather.

Mellow; I've been seeing guys if that's what you mean.

Adoring Fan; Really, so are you single?

Mellow; Yes, but there is this one Imperial guy I've recently met.

Personal notes
Normally I play the game ten years or more after the oblivion Crisus. This time line is set in 3E 431, two years before the events in TESIV.

Rather then use the console command to spawn a Adoring Fan when I needed him. I made trio of adoring fan look a likes and named them after the three musketeers. As part of a joke Mellow went out with one of them.

Kaleah was one of the CM Partners I had running around with in game. She and mellow when I started using them for comics where going to bicker back and forth like bitter rivals or sisters. One joke I never really got going was Kaleah was going to flaunt her figure while Mellow was still developing.

Skyler and Mellow had their own rivalry going. Being a guard Skyler got Mellow for every little violation she could. The worst punishment she ever got was thirty days of guard work.

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