@ LordGermanicus666 - I really liked the writing for your book concept, and I needed a break from writing (in r.l.) myself, so today I whipped up the cover for your book. I tried to make it look like leather-bound (dragon leather perhaps?) tome with some Nordic ornaments - but not too many so that the book looks elegant rather than gaudy - and in vein with all the official books across Cyrodiil, because it was printed in one of its cities anyway. The runic text looks like it was hand painted on the cover and added much later by one owner as a homage to his/her motherland.
At the same time I did my best to stick to the original concept and to the Kingdom of Shoracsburgloca official imagery.

What do you think LordGermanicus? Do you like it? If you do then it's your call - let me know, I'll make a nice normal map and let's give a taste of Nordic history to the folks of Tamriel ;)

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