I told you I would make more wigs for my wig mod XD And here are two of the new ones which are in the making.

As usual all my wigs come in white/grey, blond, brown, black and red.

The first is Riku's hair from Final Fantasy X by Rose.
I know that Room207 has already ported this as a hair (hugs to you!), but I wanted it as a wig to cut it to pieces and go nuts with the textures. So now the braids, theĀ  bandana and the marble thingies are one mesh an the rest of the hair are another mesh. Which means I also changed the texture mapping quite a bit and now there is more room to give this thing better quality textures. I am also planning to add some random stuff to the headband/bandana thing, we will see :D

The second one is cazy's Northern Star.
And DAMNIT I had to cut that thing into pieces because the vertice count was too high for an Oblivion mesh. That has NEVER happened to me with sims hair before. WHAT THE. So the braid that goes around the head is one mesh, the rest of the hair is another mesh.
The hair ornament comes in gold and silver and is RIGGED. Which means that there is some stretching in soe poses, but that is better than only rigging it to the head and having it sticking out stiffly in another direction than the rest of the rigged hair XDD THAT looked weird.

So far so good.


Isn't the html window awesome? It totally is. Whoo!

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