..Cleavage. (fov 40 for negating close range field warp)

Well.. Long story.. made average. I made downsampling setup and now my gpu selects 2560x1440 for all games. I don't know if this is even worth it since i can see "simple 3D" effect a little too clearly (Crossing planes creating 3D look for grass and to some plants) xD
Ob AA x0, GPU AA 32xCSAA, ENB SSAA and now OGSSAA (Downsampling).. I expected blurrier image. BG blur is DoF effect from unbleak's enbprepass xD

Edit: Also, im not dead, just busy.. vacation over and work started with 22 less people than normally we have. Yay? *(sack everyone - save the big guys wallets!)

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Uploaded by Mahtawa at 6:31, 5 Jul 2014


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