I use JQ - Fighters Guild United and ImpeREAL Empire Unique Cities - Sutch wich has it own fighter guild, but the guild members are in standard armor as Jannix Quinn mod doesn't include Sutch's fighter quild.
As it is unlikely I will get Jannix Quinn permission to make a patch so that Sutch's FG will match. I decide to make my own FG Iron armor with a slight variation. As JQ mod was really nothing more that recoloring and pasting in layers it was easy to match it for the most part

On the left is JQ's armor. On the right the porter wearing is mine. I'm not talented enough to make my own shield, but I may use a heater shield from a witch 2 recourse to make custom fighter guild shield.

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Uploaded by ElderScrollsFan001 at 19:20, 16 Jun 2014


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