Sorry for the quality of the screenshots but the Ayleids I'm making here are so extended I can't get them in the picture ..
What you see here is the great hall, in size comparible only with the Gathering in my walkabout mod. It's Nayada's heart, connecting all of its components ...
Nayada itself is an Ayleid City with a huge landscape entrance, its underground section runs parallel with Hircine's Call and it connects with Or's Hall of Chasms.
With this general layout ready I can now start finetuning it all.

As usual I'm uploading my AKE playtesting to the "Oblivion AKE V5 Testing" playlist on my YouTube channel @ https://www.youtube.com/user/AngkorBonsaiberg and additional screenshots can be found @ http://angkor.imgur.com

Fly Safe
You All

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