Pinch me I'm dreaming .

- What does this prisoner here . This cell is not to be used .

- An error from our latest recruit surely.

The voices emit popping sounds in the Sonia's head. Memories resurfaced slowly.

Yes, she was asleep in her father's house when a man came and ordered the girl to change clothes. He handed her something similar to those smelly clothes worn by prisoners. A noise was heard at the door. The man, a Dunmer , shrugged, spread his arms and dropped the rest of the clothes at the foot of Sonia totally dazed and put his hands around her neck to strangle . The sledgehammer in the front door rang into the ears of the girl . She was going to faint when she felt a release . The Dunmer fled from the garden.

- Halt ! said the loud voice of a young guard . I arrest you for burglary !

- The thief is not me , believe me, he fled through the garden. Quickly! catch him!

- Do not try to fool me . A prisoner has escaped and the evidence is here . The clothes that you wear when you escaped... even if you tell the truth, I will not miss the first capture of my career.

Sonia pushed the hand that was trying to catch her . She had only time to see the awesome head of the mass before fainting.

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