Yes I know this is the second sexy whateverday shot from me this week but since I have a new laptop and I got my character that's exclusive to another site working again Alexis is back on the nexus. I did want a shot of Shadow originally but something's fucked up with her face and when I downloaded a fix for it she got all shiny and un-Shadowlike so until I fix the problem there aren't going to be any shots of Shadow.

Also once I get FNV installed on my new laptop I'll have a shot up with all 3 Crises in it (yes there is a Cris in Skyrim too and no she is not the same Cris nor is she related to Oblivion Cris, I'll explain more when I upload the shot) I was going to do that today but then I remembered I didn't have FNV installed yet.

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Uploaded by Kpnut at 12:16, 3 May 2014


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