No I'm not back, nor do I have a new laptop (yet) I'm just uploading a shot I took a while back and forgot about and found in my Oblivion screenshot folder. I've got two more to upload as well.

I should be back to (ir)regular service by either the end of May or the beginning of June.

Also I've created a husky companion for Cris (based off of the Fenrir Wolf mod, it's a replacer essentially I couldn't figure out how to get the script of a stand alone mod to stick) but due to me not trusting my current laptop (it BSOD the other day) to play Oblivion I'm looking for people to test it for me so if you want to test the mod PM me and I'll send you the .esp.

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Uploaded by Kpnut at 22:09, 26 Apr 2014


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