I was going to send this package to a few people, but following TesaPlus's advice I'm wrapping it up now and should be ready tonight to release part 1 of Watch Your Step project (Ubanga edition - for now), because it's probably better to get feedback from as many users as possible. Please, do criticise, pummel and slate it as you wish. The more you do, the better it can get in future additions/amendments. It's WIP, so I'm still not 100 percent happy with a few of these textures, but generally I think they look good. Of course I'll accept the opposite opinions and work on them.
Part one - covering most of Lawadia and generally the southern part of Ubanga (including a few retextured vanilla grounds) should be available for download tonight :)

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Uploaded by maczopikczo at 16:23, 22 Mar 2014


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