Holy CRAP, finally.

This is one of CM Belphe`s outfits - the Druid one is awesome too, but it's kind of performance heavy and I didn't want that xD Belphe is a chameleon anyway.

As you can see, Belphe's "symbol" - or whatever you want to call it - is a crescent moon in a green/yellow colour. The jewel-ish textures for that moon are very high rez, which is awesome. The crescent moon is also in her hair, which you can't see here, argh. The weapon is a mash-up by me XD
It is kind of a dual axe or whatever you want to call this. I am thinking about adding a staff version with only one "pointy end" XDD

There is still so much to fix in this, argh. The finger armor does funny things in some poses, one of the boots has clipping issues, this wig mashup moves around on her head (despite that fact that it is only rigged to the head bone right now, whats with that O_O), also: her ears move around. WHAAAT EVEN.
For Belphe's version of this armor I rigged the shoulder pads to the arms, not the shoulders, so they move with the arm instead of being stiff. This way they don't clip with her hair. I IS SO SMART 8D
I am also trying to crank her face texture up to 1024x1024, maybe even 2048x2048, we'll see :D

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Uploaded by chakaru11 at 14:07, 21 Mar 2014


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