On the way to the water's edge, Shanya stopped a moment. An immense discomfort seized her.

- Mellow, I have lot of heavy secrets inside of me, She said... But today you must know the thruth.

- I also have a secret that you also must know. I'm just waiting for the right moment to reveal it.

- It's as you wish. Now listen. My parents are dead as it was said before. But nobody must know it. For everyone, they are retired in a monastery in Skyrim. Your father is not your father. He is just an employee in the Domain same for your mother.

- My mother is not my mother????

- Oh! she is! don't worry. Shanya replied.

- I'm glad to hear that the rude Ongari is not my father. I never liked him. But why to hide things like that?

Taking a deep breth, Shanya continued.

- We must keep the Domain in peace. If the Imperial guard know all that, they can seize the domain. One day, Atrius, my father accidentally killed the captain of the guard. He was arrested to be executed but his great fame saved him. Nobody knew about my mother's death. So, to provide me a decent life, he kept the secret and took an arrangement with the authorities promising them to go into exile with his wife far away. In return, the authorities undertook to attempt nothing against the Domain as long as they were alive. So, he paid a monk and his wife to take their place. Now, your mother and me are the owners of the Domain but your mother remains an employee

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