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Finally, the night before, Mellow had not slept preferring to let her mistress rest. After her sunbath
was interrupted, she walked around the garden and saw that the harvest was near. She gorged all the
vegetables she found appealing and explored the surroundings. To her surprise, she had to wipe a few
attacks of invisible animals. Then she remembered seeing her mother using invisibility spell on some
objects. So, the story of the mad mage was true ... 6:30 in the morning : The next day, the girls took the paved road, this one, by this fact, proved safer. Once in Imperial City, they made the necessary purchases to their sojourn and found a room more than luxurious at Tiber Septim hotel inn in Talos place.

For the first time, Shanya used her father's ring. She quickly wiped a tear as Mellow was watching her.

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