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Shanya had not yet discussed the letter from his father . Mellow trembling with impatience reminded her.

- Tell me, she said. Are we going going to find my parents in the Imperial City? Go! Says! Why do they are all gone.

- I do not know, replied Shanya, hiding evil sadness coming over her. Let's go first and I will reveal the contents of the letter on the way.

So both girls, compass and map in hand, took the road. Halfway, between the Domain Malus Pamila and Imperial City, their forces diminished. The sun was down to the horizon. They paused.

- I already miss apples picking at the Domain sighed Mellow. Fortunately we have not encountered wild beasts along the way.

- Oh ! but you forget the ugly big rat who attacked me while I was peeing ! cried Shanya .

- Haha, did Mellow crimped. I will never forget your crimson face when you saw it swinging on the tip of my claymore...

They burst into a hearty laugh.

- Enough laugh now, cut Shanya. Lets go to the village and try to find a room for the night. I am totally exhausted.

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