Mellow: Wow that must be some book, You've been reading it all day.
Angel: Uh hu,
Mellow: You where even reading it strait threw dinner.
Angel: Uh hu,
Mellow: Well, Maybe I'll shave my head and run threw the streets of Chorrol naked.
Angel: Uh hu,
Mellow: Angelicus your not paying attention are you.
Angel: Uh hu,
Mellow: Thats it, If your going to ignore me. I'm going to bed.
Angel: You do that Honey, You go strait t
Angel: BED!

One thing I recently found was that the current build of mods and textures I had was causing my game to crash. For example when I was in the Lords chamber of Tieflandsburg Castle, I was suddenly being DCed for now known reason. Looking around the room I finally figured out it was Mellow going to bed. Her skin was set to a 4096 scale and changing from her armor to clothing was triggering the DCing. LOL!

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