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One morning Shanya awoke and felt a strange uneasiness . All around had fallen into almost total silence. Intrigued, she inspected every corner of the house and adjacent towers. Nobody! She went into the garden and inspected it too. Not a soul either. She went down to the road and saw Mellow crying holding a letter in hand.

- A letter for you Shanya.

Shanya hastened to take it from her friend's hand and fled to her room to read it.

'' My beloved girls, If you receive this letter, it means that mother and I went to the Beyond. We died but remain always close to you to protect yourself. You will surely find the house empty. We'll explain everything when you have recovered my journal that I left at the Imperial City to the store First Edition.

Shanya, go down there and if possible take Mellow with you. She knows the secret hiding place of her mother. There you will find everything you need for the trip. The Imperial Guard is notified to patrol around the area during your absence. All expenses are paid in advance. Just take the necessary. When paying your expenses, introduce my ring. All comercants of Cyrodiil are notified of your condition.

Your father who loves you ... ''

Mellow was waiting for Shanya just behind her bedroom door. While walking threw the courtyard Shanya said:

- Mellow, you must go to your mother's secret place and find all we could need for a travel... we go to Imperial City. I'll explain later on the road.

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