Sooo, if you compare the left one (new) to the right )old), there have been quite a few changes.
You might not see all of them on first glance, but damn that was hard work XD The entire upper body is new, including a shiny new mesh for the chest plate.
This version of the chestplate actually looks like it belongs there instead of being a random mesh sloshed onto the upper body. Also: if you zoom in a bit, the part of the upper body below the chest plate now actually has texture instead of being a black blob xD That's what I needed the new upper body for, since up to now it was a normal naked upper body with black texture. ACHEM. Anyway.
What else... ah!
Random floating chest-strap thing has been deleted. New shoulder piece. Shoes now have texture. ET CETERA.


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Uploaded by chakaru11 at 4:09, 29 Jan 2014


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