Nice way to start the week right?

Anyway saw this pose while going through MORE pose mods with Shadow (where yesterday's shot came from) and decided I'd use it for one of these shots, either with Cris or Shadow although I'm regretting not doing this with Shadow due to Cris' fucking hands (I think I cocked up dealing with the problem as well, but when I looked at the original it looked as it does here except with a seam of clear colour difference.)

I've also un-embiggened her chest size and put her back to HGEC E-cup since the sheer lack of stuff that I could find for ZKEC (and the fact I don't use VipCxj's Real High Heel system, that mod lags my game so badly) and a lot of her usual stuff is still in HGEC.

Also there's a shot of her up in the supporter's image share for anyone interested, however the supporter's shot is only up there due to what she's wearing in it.

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Uploaded by Kpnut at 6:54, 27 Jan 2014


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