So, I was sleeping in a inn at Bravil when a pirate came suddenly. He forced me to drink a bitter potion which threw me into a deep sleep. When I woke up, I perceived it as I was in the hold of a vessel aground. The bodies of people who were like me abducted littered in every corner. It seems that even the captain could not escape this fate. I took his diary and began looking for a way out but I was naked. To my great regret, I had to borrow clothes from the corpse of a woman who seemed to be part of the crew. Having spotted a gap in the hull of the ship, I slipped and found myself on a rock. The sun blinded me but I perceived an island not far from the wreck.

A strong wind blew constantly on the island. Which forced me, despite ambient heat, finding clothes that covered me to avoid dehydration. This is how I discovered the harbor of the island of Pirates in the Abecean Sea.

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