Downloaded Darigaz's latest mashup, I was originally going to use it on Cris but I decided to trial it on Shadow (besides I made it Light Armour when I added it to my Stuff esp) and I actually like how she looks in it so you'll probably see more images of her in it.

I'm also changing my image uploading times (again) to the time of as and when I feel like it, this means that images will be uploaded whenever I feel like uploading an image this could lead to me uploading images once a day (I'll still only upload one a day, two if its something important or I cocked up on the original one I uploaded) for a week straight or me only uploading one or two for an entire week to times of me uploading nothing at all.

If you've been to my site recently you'll have noticed a comics section has been added, that has nothing to do with Oblivion as I've stopped doing comics for the FNV nexus and have decided to host them on my site instead. I mean if you want to read about the (mis)adventures of my NV characters then feel free to.

And finally my random plugging of the fact I do have my characters as CM partners uploaded (to both here, my site and one other site) and anyone who wants to can download them and use them in their own images because I like seeing my characters in other peoples images.

Also I had a major cock up with Shadow's save, I accidentally saved over it when I was testing something on Cris' save so I had to make a new save file for her. I don't think this affects anything (other then her losing most of her armour and weapons as well as her house) so its not that much of a problem but still its annoying when that happens.

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