YESSSS, my CS works again :D So I can finally make my wig mod! Of corse this is only part of the chart, the full image is here:


At the moment there are 8 wigs total, all of them in 5 colors. Aside from a few exceptions (the Wynter hair), I retextured all of these wigs. I only kept the alpha layers and made completely new textures. Most of the hairs are wig- mash ups consisting of several hair pieces. All of them were rigged using the Moonshadow Elf head, which is of corse a head06 variant. I will also include 3 ear types: Lop Ears. human ears and Castanic ears. I am also thinking abount making earrings for these ears before releasing the mod XDD
There are still a few kinks to work out though.

For now these are all female wigs, since Dustinflan and Room207 covered almost all the male hair floating around the net XD

And please excuse the tacky names for the wigs. I am a complete failboat whenever it comes to naming things.

Lets take a look :)

Scarlett Witch
Alba's haaaair :D It's a wig mashup with two ponytails, which divide into 3 tails each. They are wrapped in ribbons and end in a jewel matching the colour of the ribbons. Kind of oriental, but I like it XD

Tinker Hair
I already released this, but it will be inlcuded in the pack, because I want it as a part of the ESP. So there XD The wig is again a mash up, sonsisting of 2 different sims2 hairs by Newsea and Sussi. The goggles are an accessory that will be included in the mod.

Tinker Tails
A variation of the tinker hair with long, rigged ponytails. Again, the googles are not part of the hair but an accessory.

Siren Forest
An awesome, loooong wavy wig. As you can see it is rigged. but there are still clipping issues with huge cup sizes. If your character loveds DMRA clothing, this is not the wig for you xD

Nothing really special about this one, I converted it for Belphe and thought what the heck, include it XD Hence, recolours.

Wynter Hair
CAREFUL! This wig consists of 6 different mesh parts, since all the dreads are 3d meshes and not textured to a helmetlike headpiece. It is also the only wig that has 2048x2048 textures, since the dreads looked ridiculous in low rez. The leather headband is part of the mesh, since the forehead hairline looks ridiculous. So I hid it XD The long dreads in the back are only rigged to the head. not to the spine, so there might be clipping in extreme poses - but the alternative (full rigging, which resulted in ridiculously stretched dreads) was not an option.

Moonshadow Ninja
OH GOD what a name XDD Sorry. I couldn't resist. Pyms new hair :D Again its a wig mashup. Of corse teh spikes are not as cut off as they seem in the preview pics, that was my mistake. I still have to adjust this hair a bit, it was rigged using head06, but today I realised there was some clipping around the forhead O_o Damn. Working on it!

Elven Traveller
Belphe's wig mashup. The long braid is of corse Growlfs work, I only retextured it and mashed a sims2 hair on it XD

Thats it for now :D

And my I just say:

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