(I don't really like the song itself, but the instrumental is so cute and additcting >.<)

OH GOD, I wanted to have this done on new years, but an evil flu bug struck me down <.<

Since I can't play the game, I dug out older screenshots to make a litlte lineup of my player characters through the years. You might notice that not all my characters are here (like Oz for example), that's because some of them were CM partners only and never player characters. Now, lets take a look, yeah? :D (I tried to post them in chronological order but failed XDD damn!)

1.) Pym
Not much to say here that's not already known I guess XD When I rediscovered Oblivion about...4 years ago, Pym was my first character. It took me a while to find the Nexus image share though XD Actually, the very first screenshot with Pym in it was posted here on the Nexus in September 2010 XD It's here: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/images/66743/?
Pym is small (about 0.900) and her default mood seems to be DO NOT WANT. She recently got a new hairstyle which I will share soon :D

Available for download?
Heck yes, in 2 versions here on the Nexus xD

2.) Ljus
Aww, my baby :) She was created a while after Pym when Maton released his "3_bows" mod here on the Nexus. I created Ljus for those blue, glowing bows - so her colour theme is blue :D She transformed from a cute litlte archer to a heavily armed crusader - and she was officially the first characcter I created a custom armor mashup and weapon for. AND her own combat voice O_o... oy. In my headcannon she is kind of Pym's counterpart character-wise: she is kind of shy and always friendly and polite.

Available for download?
Sadly, no. At least not in this incarnation xD A few people have her, including Halofarm and TreborMarg. But that's it ^_^ I'd love to share her, but I can't get wrye bash to work <.<

3.) Alba
HOLY CRAP. She was created shortly after Ljus and completed the "trio" of colour based characters XD She has undergone so many edits and changes, it's ridiculous. Her colour theme is of corse black and crimson. The custom content made just for her reaches from various wigs over armors, weapons, skintones, eyes to spell recolours. She has been my player character for a long time. Fighting style: magic based destruction of epical proportions.

Available for download:
No, for several reasons. One of them is that all her custom content kills FPS like pacman - her armor Nif file alone is like 8 MB. Another reason is that she is very dear to me, since through her creation process I gained most of my modding skills. I shared Alba with Darigaz, Mahtawa, Sasha and LUCHA, because we have known each other for years and spam the TESAdventures chat on a regular basis XD

4.) Harper
And heeere is the point where the "chronogical order" goes down the drain, since C was created long before Harper. Anyways! XDD
Harper is kind of an adorable ditz in my game XD She is not the brightest tool in the shed, but loves adventuring and TALKING your ears off. Whenever I play the game and have Pym and Harper as CM Partners with me, they sulk at each other and make adorable DO NOT WANT faces. Since Harper in my game is 1.100 and Pym is merely 0.900, it's like stand up comedy XD

Available for download:
Yes, she's on my website :)

5.) C
Ehehe. Her name kind of happened, since very early versions of her save files were corrupted by a C++ Runtime error XDD It kind of stuck. She is kind of a female version of tall dark and broody XD Minus the broody. She always wears dark armor, a scary helmet and a black wig with a huge ponytail. She is the character I once created the "C's eyes" for. In my game her combat class is berserker XD She always carries a huge arsenal of swords around.

Available for download:
Not yet. I have a CM version of her, but since my construction set doesn't work any more, I can't check the esp before releasing it <.<

Sigh, Nimue <3 She somehow turned out looking like the classic Record of Lodoss War elf. She came a long way from simply being my Sciath armor model to a real player character. Like C, she uses Moira head 4, which is a really difficult head mesh to model in character creation. She is the only player character I have that weilds the classic sword and shield combination. I suck at it to be honest XDD

Available for download:
Sadly, no. >.< I never thought of it, don't kill me

6.) Esme
Wheeee Esme :D My little gipsy elf summoner XDD Like Alba, I used Esme in several of my YT videos. She weilds a scythe and a little pet lich that floats over her shoulder. For Esme I created a ton of summonable creatures, including the sisters Desmone and Thanatos <3

Available for download?
No, again because of wrye bash on strike. But I am working on a release of some of her summons :P

7.) Nanatsusaya
OK, Nana is actually a wearable full body costume and not really a character, but I used her as a player character for quite a while :) I made er from head to toe, including the custom texture for the creature head xD

Available for download?
Yes, she's on my website under armors, since it's a costume XD

8.) Mini elf
Yeah, she doesn't have a name >.< I used her a lot as a player character though. You can see her in several of my YT-weapon videos. She's tiny (somewhere around 0.600), has a cute little pony and loves adventuring.

Available for download:
No xDD I honestly never thought about it.

8.) Aska
Maybe the most "lore friendly" character I have :) Through her creation process I learned a lot about porting stuff :D The chestplate of her armor was ported from Skyrim and the headpiece is an edit of Iorveth's headband from The Witcher 2. Her armor is based on The Torumekian Knight armor by KURESE/R18PN.

Available for download:
No, but you can download her armor + the headband on my website :D

And, last but not least:

9.) and 10.): Vivio and Belphe :)
Both have undergone many changes and are kind of chameleons ín my games xD Vivio has her own sparkly, fairy mini-me and sometimes runs around in a Musketeer outfit, but has recently settled into her steampunky self.
Belphe on the other hand mostly appears as her classic elven self with long, wavy hair - but was also seen as a knight and a travelling adventurer :D

Available for download?
No to both, but not because I don't want to O_o I had several requests for Belphe, but again, wrye bash doesn't work for me :(

Thats it XDD

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