Oh my GOD, that is by far the tackiest name I have ever given to an outfit.
It is of corse a spoof directed at the overuse if the Einstein-Rose-Bridge theory in almost every time travel story XDD Anyways. It is done! Including Vivio's infamous mechanical arm :D GO GO!!

This outfit even has a little backstory to tell if you look closely. Since it is a time travellers outfit, it has obviously been through a lot and lived through many edits along the way. Starting out with the frilly backskirt that is rigged to the tailbones. It kind of hints at the fact that at some point (maybe at the beginning of the journey?), this outfit was actually a dress and the backskirt and the blouse are the only remaining parts of that dress. Coninued with the old pocket watch amulet and the rather modern looking glass vials on the belt up to the (requested XD) steampunky, mechanical arm which is Vivio's signature accessory. All this doesn't really fit together on first glance, but looks nice as a whole.

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