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Hello, in Ubanga, the town I love most is always the one I happen to visit. Today this is Tochia. Tochia, I think, is most beautiful in the evening. Unfortunately, I could not decide which picture to select for upload. So I enjoyed myself with wine, bread, cheese, GIMP, and Haydn, in no particular order, and threw a couple of them ( pictures I mean ) together. The result is of size 1920x1080.

1 -- Approaching Tochia in late afternoon.
2 -- Violet and Orange. For flowers, and only for flowers, this is okay.
3 -- This is _not_ a pair of gallows; rather some device in the port of Tochia.
4 -- Street scene.
5 -- The port today. Tomorrow it may look different. Ships leave and arrive. Offices close overnight. Short: It is a real alimal(tm).
6 -- I do not recall any other shaped hedges in TESiv. One should call for Helga The Busy Garden Gnome for trimming the hedges.
7 -- The Hero. ( That's the one in the white clothes. If you know who the green fellow is, please tell me. I had grown its kin when I was small, but I cannot remember its botanic name. )
8 -- Town street with two big ficusses/fici/ficus.
9 -- Products and Supplier.
10 -- This pig has a fine taste when it comes to colours, and knows how to dress fittingly for Tochia.
11 -- How many house models alimal has made and/or used I cannot even start to guess.
12 -- Street scene with well.
13 -- Street scene with wall.
14 -> 1003 -- Visit Tochia and see for yourself.

It seems I have forgotten to add smileys. Please help yourself: ;-) :-) 8-) 8-D 8^D

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