Skyler: Wow that was some birthday party.
Mellow: Yeah, But its not my most memorable.
Skyler: OH?
Mellow: Back when I turned 14,
Mellow: Can‘t I just sleep in.
Veeda: No we‘re meeting Kaleah in the capital.
Mellow: Not her. Every time we see her, the first thing she does is
Kaleah: Hey Kid, Grown a pair yet?.
Mellow: Your real mature.
Veeda: Give her a break Kaleah,
Kaleah: Right, lets go and raid Vilverin.
Kaleah: Oh your first kill of the day.
Mellow: DON'T
Kaleah: But don’t you want to strip him naked and see what boys look like.
Mellow: NO, that's creepy, your creepy.
Mellow: (crying)THERE YOU ARE!
Veeda: Didn't I tell you not to wander off,
Kaleah: And you found a nice new outfit,
Veeda: They could have killed you.
Kaleah: Instead of shoving you in that dancers dress.
Mellow: This isn't helping.
Kaleah: So how did you like your
Mellow: I hated it.
Veeda: Well look at it this way, We‘ll be getting you some new armor tomorrow.
Kaleah: Till then you can wear that sexy
Mellow: Can it, Boobs for brains.

Mellows birthday really isnt till the 19th of Evening Star, Right between Baranth Do and Chil'a. But I've got something else planed for then.

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