Tan: Hey Angel,
Angel: Quite Tan,
Skyler: Stop running Mellow,
Mellow: I'd love to, but you'd kill me.
Skyler: You called me FAT!
Mellow: I didn't mean it!!
Tan:Think your girl friend can survive the (censored) kicking Skyler is going to give her.
Angel: Shut up Bro,
Tan: Or will Skyler just sit om her with that big butt of hers.
Skyler: What did you say about my (censored)!
Tan: Umm,
Angel: Nice knowing you Tan.
Skyler: Run Imperial Scum!

Part one of this can be found here
One side note, Mellow was so busy not getting caught by Skyler. That she ran around the courtyard of Tieflandsburg twice more before she realized Skyler was after a different target. :rolleyes:

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