Climbing Kerro Radaunam

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Seriously, climbing this monster is one of the most demanding quests I've ever done in TES4. If you doubt, try it with Maskar's Basic Primary Needs mod, some realistic fatigue mod, and something that makes you less a superstrong robot and more like a human being (e.g. OOO). I already had to throw away almost all my trophies that I intended to sell for a good profit. Now I'm beginning to starve (you know, all that deer haunch weighs a lot when you must carry it around, but I didn't manage to hunt anything in a couple of days (except a couple of bears who rolled down into an abyss before I even finished them off). And something tells me that this peak on the right isn't the end of the journey...


  1. TesaPlus
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    So he is going to go that camp.

    Maczopikczo, your picture looks great. When I was there the weather was so bad I barely could see my feet. I thought, ok, alimal scripted the bad weather for technical reasons (LOD and what not). Please do make a mountain top pic for us, ok?

    (gnnnnnnneeheeheheheee, if he survives, that is)
    1. maczopikczo
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      (eeeeevil ;P)

      I guess I'm very lucky. Yeah, I read the book about K. Radaunam which I "borrowed" from the ticket master in Calamaniali (I thought he wouldn't mind so much since I left a couple of great armours and a funky axe for his hospitality - he's a nice man, at least for Ubanga) and it said weather at the top is usually very lousy...
      The day indeed started with light rain and fog, but higher up, when the sun came out it changed into beautiful sunny weather. If it persists, I'll be sure to take a few cute shots especially for you
    2. TesaPlus
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      At K. Karadali I have had the very same bad weather and so I thought this is as good as it ever gets ;P
      Thanks for voyage journal -- and good luck!
  2. maczopikczo
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    Thank you
    I still have some water, but food is running really short. It's serious. I already starved in Ubanga a few times but it was always on lower altitudes, so deers were a good source of protein, but now... SOS! Send a helicopter, drop me some provisions, I implore ya. Luckily I read there's a camp somewhere on the way. Maybe they left something to eat there. If not, at least I'll be able to sleep, but no one knows what happens then. Sleeping on an empty stomach doesn't bring back strength...
    Wow, xrayy, lucky there's no breathing mod on top of that
    On the second thought, wouldn't it be cool to have "Cold and Wet" mod (which had something to do with breathing, too, If I remember correctly) in Oblivion?
  3. jobra888
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    .. sounds challenging how you have set up your gameplay with primary needs
  4. seeberg
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    real live seems to be hard (and cold, and steep) sometimes...!
    but you'll gonna make!
    so go ahead and we'll be proud on you,
    little summiteer...
  5. xrayy
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    this terrain looks really challenging. He seems to have a slight lack of oxygen
  6. Tobjoern
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    Sounds really challenging!

    I had a big grin on my face as you mentioned the bear rolling down the hill.
    I think this happend to all of us sometimes, but it makes a difference if this happens on top of a hill or if you're high up in the mountains. You can't just run down the slope to get the meat and fur, only to scramble up the mountain again...
  7. Dennywood
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    No food, no possibilities to sleep? I hope you managed to bring potions or some healt spells.