Soooo... I converted this horse. And the tack. And made a new outfit for Alba, since in my headcannon her origins were always a bit oriental. I also remade her wig, which you can not really see here, but you might notice it if you zoom in.

In other news...

My computer got electrocuted a few days ago, which fried one of it's memory blocks ("unpaged area" - blue screens all around, yay), destroyed at least one of the three cooling vents and... KILLED MY VIDEOCARD.


I kid you not.

A new video card which is not total garbage would at least be around 100 €, not to mention that most vid cards wont even fit, since my computer is about 7 years old. Add to that all the other stuff that is in need of repair inside that computer case...
Sigh. I am not sure if I should save money to repair the damage, or save even more money and get a new desktop PC period.

Anyway. The computer does still work, as well as blender (O_o) and Nifskope, but I can't play the game any more (duh), so me releasing NEW stuff is very unlikely.


I have HOARDED tons uf WIPs, which I will be releasing over the next weeks (months? O.o however long it takes), but you have to be aware that not all of them have been tested ingame and will all be labeled als BETAs. Since the Construction Set doesn't work either, there won't be any ESPs. But for those who don't know how to add stuff to the game on their own I will provide tutorials.


Deal. :D

So all is not lost. Still alive, if a bit burned around the edges XDD

I do miss playing the game already though :( Damn, it's an addiction. The only good thing is that I now know how to test out the weightpainting results from blender in Nifskope. Heh.

Anyways, hugs to you all :)

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