the short of it: I couldn't be bothered.

I will usually just use Cris for these types of image since she's the only properly sexy character I have (imho) especially since Shadow, while she's not opposed to showing a bit of skin, isn't a character I like taking these sorts of shots with (the last sexy Wednesday one will be the only one), Breeze is also right out since she does cute instead of sexy and Alexis is too hit and miss (and has a crapload of tattoos which some people might not find "sexy") to feature. Hell even Cris has elements I don't like (those fucking hands, still haven't fixed that problem) but she has less then the rest.

I know I said I was going to upload an image of Teneicha sometime in the near future that'll need to be put on hold indefinitely due to his fucking googly eyes problem, I wanted to upload an image of him to announce the fact his bio is up on my site for anyone who's interested in the history (or at least some of it) of my oldest and most beloved character.

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