Miranda gradually became accustomed to the sound of her brother's voice. After a full day, the place was clean. The Ayleids had kept their word and then addressed their thanks before returning to their place of wandering.

- Too bad you leave ma'am. Without your presence, the place will regain its dull calm. The spirit of our leader has just come to us. He sends his greetings and wishes to let you know he took great pleasure to fight alongside you. He even said that never in his lifetime, he saw a being to show such a courage and determination. His admiration is boundless and he regrets having conspired against you. He sends you his best wishes of happiness. Now you can leave stupid human.

The young woman smiled at the last witticism and waved as they walked away. The hunger gnawed her stomach. She took one last look at the cemetery.

- It is time for me to leave, she thought, I began to find these mushrooms too appetizing. ...Ready for the big departure, she sighed.

She stood in the center of the graveyard and began to declaim the invocation of the portal.
But something was wrong ... she felt an entity trying to prevent his departure. She tried everything possible to emerge but in vain. She slid slowly in a total vacuum.

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