Four of them remained on site observing the progress of the fight without flinching. Miranda was at the end of her strength but she found enough arrogance to defy them.

- Flee before I turn your bones into gunpowder! she shouted.

- All these unnecessary deaths, then said one of them. We knew in advance that you could win this fight. We knew your undeniable strength but they themselves had chosen to fight to the death rather than suffer in eternal wandering.

- They, however, fought like lions while you stayed there to enjoy the show. You're no better than your leader.

- Wait! To die does not matter to us. If you kill us, it is as if we had never existed. We are soulless. By cons, these one were tempted by an unhealthy curiosity. They refused the orders of our leader. We witnessed their mutiny. They chose another leader and planned to capture your soul. Only a great soul like yours can be shared among several. In this way, they would have benefited from a new life. Then, they were planning to go through the portal of life. They simply underestimated your strength.

- What do you want me? asked Miranda.

- Help us to bury their bones, we hate to see the mess around us. Also because any effort brings damage to our bones. The armor they wear is ultra light but it is otherwise the carcasses. We swore allegiance to our leader. Help us and we'll let you go.

- You only live for lies and betrayal. Why should I believe you?

- Do it, whispered the distant voice of Morano.

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