Immersed in her teens for a brief moment, Miranda returned to reality. But instead of a hideous beast, the spirit of the Ayleid leader stood in front of her.

- Get back! exclaimed Miranda, or you will suffer the same fate as your friends traitors Dedras.

- Do not worry, replied the chief. You and your friends have definitely turned a page in the Ayleide history.

- If I am not mistaken, you are the leader? Supposedly I had to bring you out of here. Your friends have betrayed me. This conversation has no reason to be. Back! Traitor! she loudly exclaimed again.

- On the contrary, first, you must listen to me and you will do what you want. The plan was as follows: It was planned between my clan and Daedras that they let me out as soon as you would enter. You were meant to be here as their meals. But I was betrayed. Once you get past the door of this cursed place, a sword came out of nowhere and quickly separated my head from my body. I was then carried immediately to the kitchen. My mind then discussed with your brother's and I was then introduced to your side for the fight and ...I finally defeated the last abomination you saw.

... Then, I invoked memories in your mind. While that, I got out to talk to my clan about the situation. When I was alive, I had the willpower to make them return to life, but now that I'm dead, I can not do anything for them. They are condemned to wander for eternity. I ordered them to let you to go back to your world. For you, this whole thing will be over soon, but you have one last important thing to do before leaving.

- Once again, someone is trying to take advantage of my innate naivety. Accept your end now, she said while drawing her sword.

- Stop it! Thanksgiving! Someone who is dear to you is waiting for you in the secret room behind the wall. I will take the lead so that you always have an eye on me.

- Well, go ahead! One wrong move and this is the end of your existence.

The wall faded in a burst of thunder and lightning flashes. They entered this bright path. An incredible sight appeared suddenly. Miranda had never been dazzled at this point. A resplendent form dominated the scarlet room.

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