Ladies and gentleman, I'd like to thank all the people who made the day possible and everyone who could be here to support the loving couple.
When I first meat the loving couple years ago. The lovely Bride asked about my intentions with her kid sister. Later on I found out she knew one hundred and seven recipes for mud crabs. And if I ever made her sister cry she knew how to polymorph people into muds crabs. Her husband simple said he'd break my leg's.
So when Mellow asked if we could host the couples fifteenth anniversary and their wedding vow renewals I could hardly turn them down. So with that I'd like to raise my glass and wish a lifetime of happiness and love for Aura and Veeda!

Please don't embarrass me

Why, Hello there

Welcome Magisters

Greetings Archmage

Pour Skyler

Almost time

Canon in D

Thanks again

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