We were on the way home from a battle near the frontier of Valenwood. I'm only a soldier in Countess Amnis' army and my place in the formation is normally far back. I've never seen her from near. As we rode along the River Strid, I talked to the soldier next to me. ''Hey, I wanna ride to the front, until I am right beside the Countess... What do you think...?'' ''That's stupid!... We are simple soldiers...'' The other soldier said. I was determined and very excited: ''I bet ten gold coins, that I will ride side by side with the Countess...'' ''All right,...!'' The other one said... ''Wish me luck!'' I said, and so on I began to overtake all the riders until I was very close to the front. My heart began to beat faster and faster. The Officers shouted at me...'' Soldier!!! Stay in fromation!'' I ignored them and suddenly I was right beside her. ''By Dibella!'' I said to me... I almost fell from my horse as she turned her beautiful face to me... At this moment, I was the luckiest soldier in whole Tamriel... Not because I won ten goldcoins... No. Because I was so close to an Angel... Than she spoke to me: ''Good evening, soldier... How's the weather back there?'' Everyone began to laugh... I blushed and was quite a bit embarrassed. So I began to slow down until I was back in my position far away from this beauty...

This image is dedicated to Bowsong a true friend and fan...

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