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  • A full explanation of the game's BSA handling

    The game's internal class for BSA files is Archive, a subclass of BSFile. Archives don't store the full contents of all packed files in memory; instead, they store entries indicating the 64-bit hash of the folder/file name, and: for files, the offset of the file's contents inside of the BSA, and the file's size in bytes; for folders, a pointer to an array of the file entries in that folder. Folders are not nested in a BSA: given a path like "foo\bar\," the Archive doesn't consider "bar" a folder inside of "foo;" rather, the Archive has two folders, one called "foo" and the other called "foo\bar."

    Those aware of the BSA file format will know that every archive has flags specifying how the names of its files and folders should be handled. If an archive is flagg...

  • Charming Eyja

    a romantic encounter...

  • Installing Oblivion and the Unofficial Patches

    Все знают о порядке загрузки. Как часто устанавливаются пакеты модов. Для таких вещей должны быть отображены неправильные модели и текстуры. 

    Первоначально, вам нужно убедиться, что вы играете с любыми официальными DLC. 

    1. Установите игру. 
    2. Установите официальные DLC, если они у вас есть. 
    3. Установите Рыцари Девяти. 
    4. Установите дрожащие острова. 

    Если вам есть игра года, вам, вероятно, больше ничего не ну...

  • All articles

    Если вы хотите почитать такие статьи как Полный список изменений двигателя, Список добавленных идентификаторов разбора, Использование автономной библиотеки DLL, Локализация и перевод, то переходите по данной ссылке и читайте всё у автора данной модификации....

  • Included mods

    The following mods or similar features have already been included in ZOO in some form or another, please do not use them alongside ZOO, as this may or may not cause problems:

    * Enchantment Enhanced (Abridged)
    * Soulgem Magic
    * Idle Dialogues
    * Enchantment Restore Overtime
    * Local Guards Features (and it's Kvatch Addon)
    * Order of the Lamp (Redux)
    * Expanded Weaponry
    * Diversified Staves
    * Diverse Effect Icons
    * Realistic Misc Item Value
    * Wayshrine Map Markers
    * Tavern Goers 2 Redux
    * Colorful Clothing - Upperclass
    * Colorful Clothing - Middleclass
    * Unused Magic Items Integrated
    * Necromancer Battlemages
    * Lootable Merchant Chests Redone
    * Cure Disease Ingredients Rebalanced <...

  • Sexy Uriel and Martin

    This incredible mod turns the once ugly as fuck characters Uriel and Martin Septim into rampaging sex addicts by being HOT....

  • What is it

    I do not know what is this...

  • image manipulator info

    This allows you to set whole file trees to:

    automate extract dds files into separate alpha and rgb,

    image slicing for large files,

    automatic ESRGAN import,

    bi-cubic up sampling

    and stitch the alpha and rgb back together.

    Turns days of work into hours.


    ver 0.2 ->
    removed from testing state.
    automatically cuts images to prepare them. No longer need to use test_image_slicer.

    ver 0.1


    karts image manipulation tools v1




  • Hair in GOTY Oblivion and OCO v2 Reference and Resource

    Hair in GOTY Oblivion and OCO v2 (Reference and Resource)

    Contains information of every NPC hair, even deprecated, unused, or corrupted. Spreadsheet detailing ID, name, genders, races, morph, color, nif name, other relevant information. Pictures in NifSkope for vertex colors, Construction Set, In-Game. Extracted texture and mesh data of original oblivion hairs.

    I'm working on replacing default hairs so I made these references for myself to work from. I thought I'd share in-case it helps anyone.

    Spreadsheet detailing ID, name, genders, races, morph, color, nif name, other relevant information.
    Screenshots from NifSkope for vertex colors, in the Construction Set, and In-Game.
    Extracted texture and mesh data of original oblivion hairs...

  • how to use esrgan old


    How to use ESRGAN (old) - text: DUMP

    professional tutorial on how to install and run esrgan on windows.


    --- SOFTWARE ---


    CUDA (optional) need NVIDIA graphics card
    --- ANACONDA PROMPT (installing pytorch) ---

    If you have installed CUDA:

    conda install pytorch torchvision cuda100 -c pytorch

    If you have not installed CUDA:

    conda install pytorch-cpu torchvision-cpu -c pytorch

    --- ANACONDA PROMPT (installing others) ---

    conda install git pip

    pip install numpy opencv-python

    pip install pyqt5

    git clone

    --- ANACONDA PRO...

  • Death Warrant Signed


    This mod will make oblivion so much harder due to the nerfing of some of your stats boost to others but will challenge even the best players....

  • Hoarder's Best Friend

    Arrows, Books, Ingredients, Keys Misc. Items, Potions, and Soul Gems weight nothing...

  • Deep Pockets Robin Hood

    A quick fix for the games lack of weight carrying and gives a  slight speed boost and should be compatible with all other mods. Lightweight by design and very effective. ...

  • Better Races my personal preference

    Welcome and thank you for taking the time. If you have any questions or preferences, feel free to talk, in a respectful polite way and we'll see what we can do....

  • Unique Landscapes Section 4: Released Mods

    Back to Sections 1 to 3
    Section 4

    :: Released Mods ::

    A regularly updated OMOD-ready, BAIN-ready, NMM-ready archive containing all UL mods is available at Nexus. Thanks to Kerghan for originally creating this, it is now maintained by Vorians.

    Translations into other languages
    French: all the Unique Landscapes mods are available in French. The compilation has been completely translated, and can be found on La Confrérie des Traducteurs.
    German: all the Unique Landscapes mods are available in German from Scharesoft, World of Players and Suzie Q is currently handling the German translations.
    Also, you can find an OMOD-ready, BAIN-ready compilation of all the Unique Landscapes translated into German at Nexu...

  • Dance outfits

    Add outfit at testinghall...

  • Stirk_Sutch Map

    Article for Stirk_Sutch Map...