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  • Bug report is here.

    please report bugs here if you founded....

  • Jahizas Ayleid Palace Home

    Blah Blah Blah this is a player home...

  • Colovian Legion and Imperial Legion Reformed

    == Colovian Legion ==

    Author: Brotrooper
    Date: 5/4/2018

    REQUIRED: An Imperial Legion texture replacer of your choice. I personally recommend either Ethereal Imperial Armor,
    Hi-Rez Imperial Armor, along with the Morrowind Style Legion Shield Replacer.
    Romanesque Legion Armor Replacer by ElderScrollsFan001 is also an honorable mention.
    Purpose: A minor modification designed to work alongside a texture replacer. In conjunction with the Nibeneans Wear Robes mod,
    this mod is designed to differentiate the regions of Nibenay and Colovia.
    Nibeneans are able to maintain their armor due to the relative peacefulness that reflects the "dull affairs" of Cyrodiil.
    Meanwhile, soldiers assigned to Colovia fight on an almost daily basis...

  • Nibeneans Wear Robes

    This is a minor modification that makes most Imperials living in the Nibenay Basin wear robes. The purpose of this mod is to
    differentiate the cultural differences between Nibeneans and the Colovians of Cyrodiil. Nibeneans are supposed to
    reflect the more spiritual-intellectual aspect of Imperial culture. This mod only affects those includes those who live in the
    Imperial City, Bruma, Cheydinhal, Bravil, and Leyawiin. Those who live in Colovia only wear their vanilla outfits. Some Imperial
    NPCs in the Nibenay Basin may not have robes because it does not fit their lifestyle.

    Recommended Mods:
     - Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul
     - Nine Divines Robes
     - Farley Pit Armor...


    Shall we post a mashup of our CM Partners here all toghetah?
    Thus tell me if you want me to send a music pack (NOT MADE BY ME)...

  • Using the DLL standalone

    It should be possible to use NorthernUI's DLL standalone to get its engine fixes alongside the vanilla UI, but I have not tested this rigorously.

    NorthernUI adds gamepad support to the game, including its menus. However, the vanilla menus will not display Xbox button mappings even though those mappings exist in the menu code. This is because Bethesda relied on compile-time constants to determine whether Xbox-related content should display. Constants aren't sufficient for NorthernUI's use case (they don't allow for detecting the connection or disconnection of a gamepad in real-time), so the mod relies on other means to know when to show gamepad mappings and leaves the vanilla constants unchanged.

    Full gamepad support for MapMenu is conditional on a variable on the me...

  • Localization and translation

    I tried to build the mod so that nothing it does is a major obstacle to compatibility. However, there are still compatibility problems I can't account for at this time, where fonts and Oblivion's program code are concerned. Worse is that while I can anticipate problems, I can't be sure which problems will actually happen, because I only own the game in English.

    Translating the text
    The English version of Oblivion uses Windows-1252 encoding (incorrectly called "ANSI" in Windows Notepad). The same encoding should be used or at least usable for languages with the same alphabets (e.g. French, German, Spanish). When editing text files, make sure you're using the right encoding; multi-byte encodings like UTF-8 may handle some symbols inconsistently.

    All of NorthernU...

  • List of added parse IDs

    Menus, tile types, traits, operators, and parse-time tokens all have numeric IDs existing in a common space.

    All new IDs
    41C menu XXNHUDDebugMenu
    41D menu XXNHUDClockMenu
    41E menu XXNOptionsMenu
    41F menu XXNControlsMenu
    1600 trait xxnFontPath
    1601 selector NorthernUI
    1602 selector descendant
    1603 trait xxnKeepNiProperties
    1604 trait xxnNiScale
    1605 operator xxnOpSine
    1606 operator xxnOpCosine
    1607 operator xxnOpTangent
    1608 operator xxnOpAtan2
    1609 operator xxnOpStringEq
    160A operator xxnOpStringAppend
    160B operator xxnOpBinaryAnd
    160C operator xxnOpBinaryOr
    160D selector xxnStrings

    New menus
    This ...

  • Complete list of engine changes

    Adds new traits, operators, selectors, and menus. See the relevant article.

    Fixes a bug that affects all vanilla textboxes, where pressing the up or down arrow keys inserts invisible garbage characters into the text that you’re entering. These characters are retained when saving any text, may be visible in modded fonts, and may affect alphabetical sorting. Text already affected by this bug cannot retroactively have garbage text characters stripped out.

    Disables texture filtering for the menu cursor. This addresses an unknown bug that severely breaks texture filtering for all other menu assets whenever the cursor receives texture filtering. The effect of this is that all assets look cleaner, particularly high-resolution assets that are downscaled and ...

  • Walkthrough for the mini-quests included in Maeva Scribonia's Bookshop.

    I've had some questions about how to find or complete the small quests in Maeva Scribonia's Bookshop that indicate that some people are unable to start these quests, or are missing some of the content.  This article is a spoiler which tells you how to start, progress, and complete these.  And how to find some of the small features that probably get missed.

    The article is broken up by mini-quest, so that you can go to the item that is giving you problems, without spoiling the rest of the content.  The chunks are:  Finding books in the wild;  Maeva's Missing Tome;  Casta's Books;  Amalric's Book Cubby;  Lady Andragorre's Diary, and; The Diary Reclaimed.

    Just a reminder:  Look in the 'Welcome' book, either in Maeva's Bookshop, or in the Hidden Library, for a c...

  • Valeria Caresse 2-0 - original Readme

    Download Link : Valeria Caresse 2_0
    Version : 2.08
    Category : Companions Other
    This mod is being re-uploaded to the Nexus as a modder's resource. I thought the combat arrays, possibly the automatic oblivion gate scripting might be useful to someone. While Valeria is a fully functioning and reliable companion mod, I use her daily in my Oblivion game, I am not supporting Valeria anymore. Her time is past.
    GG_Valeria Female Companion Mod v2.0 Final v2.08
    for TES IV: Oblivion
    By: S&G Productions
    Specifically: Gregg Gean a.k.a. Deepfreeze
    Valeria is not a quest or romance companion. If these are must have requirements for you, then Valeria isn't for you.
    After picking Valeria's ...

  • SexyFishRace

    Beautiful Race, 100%...

  • Panic Bow

    Powerfull Bow added to the game to use in tough situations...

  • Jahizas Cheydinhal Home