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Typhoon-class Cruiser, made by Rubins Spaceyard, is a recently demilitarized light cruiser hull and now available for all civilian spacefarers of the Apollo Cluster ! Don't wait anymore and contact your nearest Rubins Spaceyard ship dealer for quotation !

Permissions and credits
Typhoon-class Cruiser

Mod version : 0.4
Compatible with game-version(s) : 1.0.4
Do I need a new savegame ? No
Game main-files altered (for incompatibilities) :
  • objectsinspace.txt
  • shipclasses.txt
  • trading_leo.txt
  • ui.txt

Description :
This mod add a whole new ship. With custom ui-color, custom sprites and obviously custom module-layout !
The Typhoon-class Cruiser have the following specs :
- Max Speed : 1.4 Gm/s
- Max cargo pods : 10
- Max hull temp : 1400°C
- Engine slot(s) : 1
- Major slot(s) : 3
- External slot(s) : 9
- Computer slot(s) : 10

Initially, the Typhoon-class was intended to have two engines slots but atm the game is not able to handle twin engines ships. As soon as possible, the mod will be updated in that way.

You can buy a Typhoon-class Cruiser in Lago Gas Port (Leo System) for just above 150k standard credits (an affair, if you ask me) !

Know bugs :
  • Discrepancy on ui colors between ship's rooms.
    • Solution : Some ui descriptors are locked under "*.c3b" files, which can be edited. I have already alerted devs team about that. As soon as possible, the mod will be updated.
TODO List/Planned feature :
(the following list will mainly depend on how the game will be updated)
  • Twin-Engine and twin-Rcs to balance the ship hull weight and max speed (not possible atm)
  • Balance about hull armor and resistance (still waiting data from devs team)
  • Fix ui color discrepancy (not possible atm)
  • A whole custom 3D interior (not possible atm)
  • Use the internal mod system (bugged, waiting for fix)
  • Balance stock hull configuration
  • Add alternatives hull configurations
  • Add more selling locations
  • Add custom modules from Rubins Spaceyard affiliates

How to install :

0. (optional) Make a backup of steamapps\common\Objects in Space\assets (just in case)
1. Extract the 7z archive content in steamapps\common\Objects in Space\ObjectsInSpace\mods
2. Open the 'typhoon' folder that's just pop
3. Launch the 'install.bat' script
4. Wait for it
5. When the cmd prompt tell you the files copy process is done, press a random key to close the prompt
6. That's it ! The mod is installed ! Enjoy your overpriced rusted XX's era space-submarine hull !