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Provides an update to the Helm screen to replace the standard directional arrows with more user friendly graphics. This is for the stock Ceres, Proxima and Enceladus class vessels with the correct topographical ship outline for each vessel.

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This mod provides updated HSI graphics for the helm screens of the stock Ceres, Proxima and Enceladus class ships.

The Blue heading arrow is now a topographical outline of the vessel depending on which one you are currently commanding. This should more clearly show the direction that the ships hull is currently facing. The original colour of the arrow has been respected in a floating tip which helps when lining one with the current direction of movement.

The Red Move Angle arrow is now a dashed green line with a red arrow tip on the end. Whereas before this indicator was short, this has now been made longer to extend past the ship outline from the heading indicator.

The combination of these two changes makes it much easier in my opinion to see at a glance where the ship is point and actually moving, without trying to remember which colour arrow was for what.


*Replace C:\ with the drive you have installed Steam to.

** The instructions in this guide are for Steam installs, you will need to locate your installation folder if obtained from another source such as GoG.

1. Backup the following files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Objects in Space\assets
- C_Helm_Heading
- C_Helm_MoveAngle
- E_Helm_Heading
- E_Helm_MoveAngle
- P_Helm_Heading
- P_Helm_MoveAngle

2. Extract the contents of the asset folder contained within the zip to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Objects in Space, accept all prompts to Overwrite the files.

3. Start the game and enjoy!


- If you would prefer to use this mod only for a particular ship then simply extract the files manually for each ship type. The file names are listed below for each type of ship




- This mod will be migrated to Steam Workshop if\when Workshop functionality is added to Objects in Space.

- As the game is currently in Early Access, it is likely that these files may be reverted or overwritten during an update. If this is the case simply extract the files again.