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  • JustHover 1.77

    JustHover 1.77...

  • Notes on creature generation

    Here is a brief overview of what I've learned about ecosystem generation while making this mod.

    The game selects a fauna abundance during planet generation, and based on this abundance, it selects a role table (or two, for water) for each of the present habitat types (air, cave, ground, underwater). This seems to be at least partly controlled by the CREATUREROLEDISCRIPTION table, but I have not thoroughly tested the variables in that table. After selecting role tables, the game populates the planet with creatures defined by the roles in these tables, up to the limit of 18 species. A role might look like this (from my version of GROUNDTABLEBUSY, which is the "standard" table for "Abundant" fauna):

    <Property value="GcCreatureRoleDescription.xml"><!--ROLE: Lar...


    I had trouble with the mining times, which is the purchase of material, unnecessary pastime in the game....

  • Article 1

    Idk what articles  are for. feel free to explain....

  • Landing gear animation fixes

    This is not the first mod I made, (made many, many of them for personal use for many different games, just never uploaded them since they mostly relied on other modders' assets) but it is the first mod I made from scratch (big deal, so what, you changed 2 values) and uploaded for others to enjoy. :)

    Decided I have been selfish long enough. ;)

    Also I sorta "worked with" monkeyman192 to fix an MBIN compiler issue that was corrupting the re-compiling of one of the ENTITY files so I kinda felt proud of my lazy arse for once. XD

    I hadn't noticed any glaring problems with other ship animations, but if someone notices something and I am able to, I can include more fixes in the future.
    I'll probably keep the mod updated as the public releases come out, p...

  • Clear Water Version 1.1

    This Version is compatible with NMS 1.57...

  • First version of Ultrawide Man's Sky is out

    There is still quite some work to be done, but I feel like the main chunks have been taken care of!

    I would like to thank everyone from the No Man's Sky Discord for the enthusiasm shown while developing this mod.

    Feel free to report problems and ask questions. I will soon get a 2 weeks break, but I'll get back on the mod afterwards to push more improvements!

    Ultrawide FTW!...

  • EarthLike

    This mod edits the lush planet color palette to resemble earth.
    This was a request....

  • Lucid Lush

    This mod edits the lush planet color palette to retain some stock colors but add some more vivid hues for more exciting lush worlds.
    Because Green/Yellow/Red on every lush world was getting very boring.This can cause some very Dr.Seuss like planets that can get really annoying, If you're finding these to be too much i recommend also
    running By
    Gorre9090. It'll tone things down a little and also spread my palette to
    other biomes, giving each a chance at just a little bit more variety in

  • No CensorShip Only Space Ship

    Removes chat censorship because censorship is wrong.
    For multiplayer each person must have the mod installed to see each others naughtiness.
    Also removes censors from generated planet names ***Pad 54/15 will now properly show AssPad 54/15 as god intended!

  • Bases Plus

    This mod allows you to build freighter base pieces on planets and planet base pieces on freighters.
    I wanted a nice underground base but the cuboid rooms weren't cutting it so i allowed the player to place freighter pieces on planets.
    Some odd things do happen! The freighter rooms have no outer textures so they will be semi-transparent, best to build them underground....

  • Storm Hammer

    This is a recreation of the beloved SpinFusor, Disc Launcher, Storm Hammer from the Tribes Series.This mod makes the Base Grenade launcher projectile a linear projectile (Removes Arc)....

  • Better Combat Scope

    Doubles the Combat Scope range.

  • JetPack OverHaul

    I've spent 20 years playing FPS+Z games mostly the Starsiege: Tribes series and other games like it.
    NMS really faltered on the jetpack mechanic in comparison to other games that feature jetpacks so i
    decided to try and make it a more enjoyable part of the game.This mod makes the jetpack feature in NMS a more viable transportation method and overall improves how it functions.
    I've adjusted the values to make jetting more flowy and fun, It's a rocket strapped on our backs why is it not fun in
    the first place?

    Adjustments:Initial "Jump Jet" increased but still well below "Surge Jump Jet" EffectRemoved Horizontal Jet Drain, Redundant vertical jet drain is plentyIncreased jetpack force and speed, no longer feels like you weigh 8 tons when trying to jetMax Je...

  • SPACE WHALE and other oddities V1.5

    This update adds 3 squids, 17 creatures, 7 TITAN's, 2 jellys, 1 whale egg and 17 whales! and some new textures to the proc skin texture list and for the first time ever, animations to some of the old and new whales, creatures and one new Hungry TITAN :)...

  • CommonTraveler-v3.2 reference sheet

    |   \---METADATA
    |       \---REALITY
    |           \---TABLES
    |   \---METADATA
    |       \---REALITY
    |           \---TABLES
    |   \---METADATA
    |       \---REALITY
    |           \---TABLES
    |               ...

  • For Modders - How To Make This Mod Yourself

    I won't go into the details about psarc and mbincompiler since there's already guides on that and, to be honest, just getting to know the process of extracting/compiling correctly is the hard part. This is just for people that want to know what values I changed in case they want to incorporate it into their own mod or change the values.


    Search for "Suit_Underwater" There will be 3 results that all look like this:

          <Property name="StatBonuses">
            <Property value="GcStatsBonus.xml">
              <Property name="StatsTypes" value="GcStatsTypes.xml">
                <Property name="S...