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A tool in which modders can create mods that run directly inside of NMS allowing for almost anything to be possible.

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Okay guys thanks for the help. 

NMSE is going into BETA now

Some things beta includes are:

  • Shader support
  • No need to constantly update your mods (you should though)
  • Better version control
  • Less crashes

There's even more technical stuff like the ability to register for some call events now and much much more. So if you know how to program in C++ standby for a tutorial in a week or so.

[What is NMSE?]

NMSE is No Man's Sky Extender. It will allow modders to take control of the game itself and make mods otherwise not even possible without it such as: entire UI overhauls, different NPC interactions and much more. 

If you're interested check out the links below!

  1. Drag and drop: NMSE_Core_1_0.dll, NMSE_steam.dll, and NMSELauncher.exe into the binaries folder (right next to NMS.exe). 
  2. Then create an NMSE folder in the Binaries folder (...\No Man's Sky\Binaries\NMSE). That's where your mods will go for NMSE.
  3. To run Just open NMSELauncher and the game will run and load in the DLL :)

If anyone of that was too much feel free to ask. But if you feel overwhelmed please wait until more advanced and simplistic versions of the extender are released before attempting to mod with it.

Follow my github at:

NMSE should now be compatible with everything!
PLEASE RENAME THE OPENGL32 DLL TO "ReShade64.dll" (without the quotes) IF USING SHADERS!


  • If you have WIN10  (and the above doesn't apply to you) first open Steam than try a couple times, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU WAIT UNTIL THE CMD PROMPT CLOSES. 
  • If that doesn't work you delete your Binaries folder, verify game and reinstall NMSE (make sure you PCBANKS is properly named so you don't windup reinstalling the entire game, if you don't know what that means than you're fine).
  • Open task manager look for an NMS.exe . If you see one end that process.
  • Try launching it a couple times after all this (at the very least, 3). If that doesn't work than feel free to comment!

  • Look for an "UnBlock property," if you see one please unblock ALL the DLL's.
  • You should have a compatibility tab for all the DLL's (or atleast NMSELauncher). Please check "Run this program as an admin" for any/all.
  • Please try using ReShade versions 1.1.0 (A quick how-to for that is coming up, try googling how to do so in the mean time, or browse the comments!)