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All your space mods in one

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Space Dream is a mod dedicated to space and planets rendering and lighting.
Its goal is to improve space experience and immersion.
To achieve this, it merges several mods that could not be used together before into a single mod.

Here is the list of the mods includes in Space Dream :
Crescent Worlds 1.2.0 updated for Visions (crescents)
- Night Light Fix (very dark nights, sky light instead of blue light at night, real planet colors instead of blue ones during night)
- Planet Filter Fix (fixes weird colored tint in Space Station)
- Black Space 1.8 (black or darker space)
Static Nebulae 1.1 (disables nebulae animation)
Starry Nebulae (makes distant stars visible in nebulae, multiple star sizes)
True Lighting 1.4 (removes colored lights in space)
Rotating clouds shader 1.3 (makes atmospheric clouds rotating around planets)
- Eclipsis (places the planet in shadows if sun goes being a planet)
- No Cloud Shadows (disables cloud shadows)
- Natural Lighting (reduces sky overcast)
- Colorful Starfield (colored stars - optional - not activated by default)
- Clean Skies (reduces nebulae pixelization)

To make things simple, you will find the usual 3 versions of Space Dream :
- Standard : Vanilla space colors and nebulae
- Black Nebulae : Black space and colored nebulae
- Black : Black space only
- Note that you can also enable Darker Space version if needed

BUT for all of you who will prefer to remove this or that mod, or add another one (only colorful Starfield can be added actualy), I made this mod fully customizable by design and it will only need a text editor to let you create your own version of Space Dream in a couple of seconds.
Indeed, all the mods can be triggered via a simple text file and I wrote a detailed note explaining how you can enable or disable mods.
Note that Periander's PSArcTool is provided with each Space Dream file so you really only need a text editor and that's all.

So all in all, I hope you will enjoy playing NMS with Space Dream,


And to go even further, you can also look toward these other optional mods :
 - Get rid of space dust and pulsating plasma with No Space Dust
 - You can use HD Clouds to display better space atmospheric clouds over planets
 - You can make asteroids rarer and spawning in small fields with Asteroid Fields
 - You can improve asteroids explosions with Better Asteroid Explosion
 - You can make asteroids seriously damaging your ship with Asteroids Hits
 - You can choose small asteroids to only contain Tritium with Tritium Asteroids
 - You can improve rings appearance with Better Rings
 - You can make rings more Rare with Rare Rings
 - You can improve ring integration into skies with LawnReality's Less Intrusive Rings
 - You can make Space Station more rare in the NMS universe with Rare Space Stations
 - You can get rid of traderoutes and other lines with No Space Lines
 - You can get black space too in Galactic map with Black Map

History :
v1.6 : fixed white mist covering ground when entering/leaving planets
v1.5 : fixed coloured planets (see pictures)
v1.4 : added Clean Skies (see picture)
v1.3 : updated for 1.75 game version (Visions)
v1.21 : fixed a missing change in 1.7 game version used in Rotating Shader 1.2
v1.2 : updated for 1.7 game version (The Abyss), attempt at fixing pitch black nights on some planets
v1.1 : improved planet filter fix fade range (Thanks jasondud7116), fixed missing water reflections in Static Nebulae (see picture)
v1.0 : Initlal release

Credits :
  This mod would not exist without the kind permission from LawnReality to let me make the mod I wanted based on Crescent Worlds.
  Crescent Worlds itself was using some bits of Dark Space mod so thanks to jeveir and Rapta who created Dark Space mod.
  Also thanks to Sixsockets for his permission to use what remains of Natural Lighting in this mod :)
Compatibility : 
- You can find if this mod is compatible with latest game version on this page
- Compatible with all my other mods not included in this pack (but Darker Nights, but Space Dream already have darker nights than in Darker Nights)
- This mod is not compatible with any mod editing these files :