No Man's Sky
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this mod improve many distance like, the grass, some rock, some flora. all you can see poping around you, now its far more.

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Distance and grass overhaul for NEXT

Version 1.2 ( 1.58 )

i change litbit and now i keep only 3 version.

                 - Ultra : I juste touch very litbit the ultra for high end pc ( forgot to play 4k with this )                                                                                                            
                 - Very high : I change the very high for keep fps and you have litbit better distance of grass                                                                                                                                   
                 - High : I change the  high for work same the unmodded game.                                                      

See picture for see  how many fps you can lost, but this its only picture. dont forget the ultra on lush planet with small grass can kill realy. If you want know what version use, find planet same i have use to compare all version. Not care about other planet, other biomes, juste lush planet with small grass and test what its better for your pc.


Version 1.1 ( 1.57 )

I have modify litlebit my ultra version and add 3 version more : 

- Ultra : cost near 25 % fps                                           
- Ultra, reduction density : cost near 15 % fps           
- Very high, reduction density : cost near 10 % fps   
- High, reduction density : cost near 0/5 % fps         

I change only density and distance of grass for lush biomes dont touch other biomes, all other biomes its same the ultra version.

I have delate all inside i not use, now can use use with mod change palettes color.


I make this mod for improve the distance and the grass. For the distance i dont have any problem to make, only the grass its much difficult. the original grass its too much density and only one type off grass kill too much the fps.

For this i have tweak the grass for not lost too much fps.I have test many planet and i dont have problem but i know, all planet be diferent and you have some glitch like this :

bug because of too much distance

I you have this please take picture and tell me what biome you have this.Tell me its only libit and hard for have or if you have too much. This help for make update. the picture with originl NMS donc have mod for remove skyline, chormatique aberation and vignette.

All you see dont have skyline i use my mod.I can make other version of this mod for less fps loose, only about the distance of grass because its this the main impact for the fps.

this is my first mod be indulgent.

This mod its no compatible with any mod modifiy " Biomes " file