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One interaction with artifact will make you LEARN ALL the words from ALL 4 alien race.
1600+ Words in one go.

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For ABYSS v1.70

Super Ultimate Chitchat Knowledge Savant (SUCKS) will give you ALL words from ALL species in one go. 
Now, you can proudly say you're SUCKS. 

Yes, everything! 1600+ words in one go. 
Unlike most mods, this mods is best to use one time only, disable this mod after you learned all the words.

TO USE  : 
Choose "learn words/accept knowledge" from that cylindrical alien thing; see pic.
It's also work with that globe translator that you occasionally found on the wall (Universal Language Database); see pic

It's not designed to give all words rewards if you interact/learn through the hexagonal artifact thing (perhaps), or if you learn in from alien (learn dialect etc).
Doing that will only get you the normal rewards (1 words from one event)

Q: Will it activate the babelfish milestone thing ?
A: Yup

Q: Do you have to wait until the "Learn  blah-blah words" screen is over ? 
A: Nah, you didn't have to wait. Learn in-game, then save the game, exit/reload, disable the mod afterwards.

  1. Put the .pak file in your \GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS
  2. Delete the "DisableMods.txt" if exist

Uninstall :  
Delete the .pak file


  • If you're stuck in a mission where you have to learn words (user report this), you can use NMS save editor to unlearn words.
  • NMS Save Editor :
  • Don't do interaction with alien (asking for direction etc) if the notification screen is not over yet.
  • @chosesauvage said you will get stuck doing that ( i didn't personally test it)Just go learn the words immediately after you install the mod, then disable afterward.  Otherwise you will gonna get an endless notification thing on screen when you press learn words, you will get nothing since you already learn all the words. 



Any mods using the same REWARDTABLE.MBIN file will result in conflict.  
I'm not gonna make compatibility version.  
Disable the conflicting mod for awhile, then use this mod
After you learn the words, you can disable/delete this mod.

Inspired by "Learn More Words" mod by chosesauvage
Note :
I may or may not create a lite version, let's say only learn 4 words each event (1 from every species).