No Man's Sky
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Removes ALL lower-right notifications: Mission reminders, tutorial reminders, ongoing expeditions. I found these immersion-breaking, frequent, and annoying. NOTE: You can still see mission notes in the lower-right of your analysis visor. Basically, you can hold your visor button to see your notifications.

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Removes those pesky notifications.  ALL of them.

Also removes those black lines bordering your HUD (had to: the notifications not showing nonetheless popped up the lines when they would have shown - just as immersion-breaking).

Warning: This removes ALL "pop-up" notifications in the bottom-right.  You won't get the ongoing frigate updates (you can still just check on them in the command center), and you'll have to CHECK YOUR VISOR for mission specifics.

Note: This also removes the Hud Lines, including the circular line at the top for your compass.  Personally, I found all of these black lines equally annoying, but removing them was a necessary component of the way I removed all notifications.

I'm working on a total HUD/UI overhaul for pure immersion, but it's ambitious and SLOW GOING.  The HUD MBIN has like 100,000 lines (seriously)... So in the meantime, I figured I'd release this step of it, since it's probably the most immersion-breaking HUD aspect for me.

Also, it only edits a couple files inside of UI/HUD: HUDINDICATORS and HUDLINES.