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You never have to pick and choose again! XMM - "Xodarap's Mod Merger" - Is a Mod utility that will allow you to Merge (ofc), Edit, Sort, Fix, and Mod your Mods. It can handle any number of mods and conflicts. I've smooshed 120 mods into 1 and they worked *better* than when separate. You can also get "under the hood" and edit mods your way!

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XMM - Xodarap's Mod Merger

(Should be fixed and better than before!  Let me know in posts if you have any issues.  And, yes, if you know how to use XMM, you can use it to fix a lot of the broken mods...)

Why settle for one mod per MBIN? 

Why settle for what some modder thinks a value should be when you can just edit it yourself?

XMM is a utility I wrote to sort, merge, manage, fix, and edit mods for myself.  It has now gone through several rounds with the community and 4 total rewrites.  I declare it "pretty safe beta"!

XMM starts by taking any number of mods and smooshing them together: If you have 4 different mods that all change values for ships, then they probably all edit the same GLOBALS table in NMS.  That means that, normally, each overwrites the other completely, even though they each edit different values within that table.  XMM will open up the table from your own game (fixing version issues!) and sequentially replace edited values from each mod you feed it.  Then it'll take the results and repack them as efficiently as possible.  But that's only the very beginning of what you can do with it.  (That alone, though, fixes the frustration of having to "pick and choose" among mods, and to worry about what tables/MBIN's are affected by each mod.)

You can also use XMM to edit any mod your own way - without having to know EXML formats or setting up difficult mod creation tables or anything tricky.  When you feed it mods, it will tell you exactly where to find the changed values, and how the mod changes them.  Feed it a mod that changes Pulse Drive speed and it will TELL you: "Line 872, File GCSPACESHIPGLOBALS in Folder X: Changed MiniWarpSpeed from 20000 to 80000."  (In a better format, ofc) 

Then you can go in, change the value to whatever you want, and repack or remerge the mod(s) your own way!  No sorting through thousands of lines or testing values in unpacked mode.  Anyone can mod a mod now.  AND then you can take that mod and Merge it with another mod that overhauls 200 other ship values.  That way, you can take an overhaul and change just what you want about it!

XMM can also be used to fix or find out-of-date or otherwise borked mods.  You can use it to sort your mods into categories or just reduce clutter in your mod page.  I used it to Merge 120 mods all together, weed out inconsistencies, resolve incompatibilities, and ran the game with them all as One Uber Mod (to Rule them All).  The game ran great, and every mod was represented.  In fact, many mods that normally wouldn't have been represented were un-overwritten.  My ship had all of the various tweaks that I otherwise would have had to choose between or mod myself (which gets TEDIOUS, believe me!)...

Right now, XMM only works on Windows.  I'll work out an OS-agnostic version later; this uses .NET and has a link in case you somehow don't have it.  Extract to a folder somewhere on your 'puter - please don't unzip it into a Programs folder -- Windows is all "My PRECIOUS" about them (and will bite off your finger to keep them for itself).  Run each EXE as administrator - cause it needs to use your own files.  It'll ask for permission, don't worry.

PS: This took time - and I'm very busy in my career.  Endorse it if it helps you out.  If it didn't help you out please let me know why.  Post your issues and feedback.  I want this to be great, and I want you to love it.