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A more cinematic feel for your space explorations with less cartoonishly vibrant colors and with more bloom and lens effects. Depth of field is also present and some extra effects which are disabled by default but can be utilized if you so choose. (NOTE: fps heavy)

Permissions and credits
*Note you can also disable effects you aren't fond of such as the depth of field, tilt shift, etc.
*Note there is a significant fps loss with this preset. A few brief checks through the ReShade menu fps counter shows a 20 fps loss on my GTX 1070 rig though my game is still very playable. I have not looked too far into this because, like I said, my rig handles this game well but beware.

1) Download ReShade:
2) Run the ReShade installer
3) Press "Select game"
4) Navigate to <YOUR DRIVE>:\Steam\steamapps\common\No Man's Sky\binaries then select "NMS.exe"
5) Select "OpenGL"
6) Select "Yes"
7) Select "Uncheck All" and only select:
- AdaptiveFog
- AdaptiveSharpen
- AmbientLight
- Bloom
- Border
- Clarity
- ColorMatrix
- DepthHaze
- DisplayDepth
- EyeAdaption
- FilmicPass
- Levels
- LightDoF
- Monochrome
- Sepia
- TiltShift
- Tonemap
then select "OK" - if succeeded, exit the window

8) On this Cinematic Voyage webpage, select "Download preset" to download the settings
9) If desired (not necessary), change the downloaded preset extension to ".ini" if it is a ".txt" file then move it to <YOUR DRIVE>:\Steam\steamapps\common\No Man's Sky\binaries)
10) Launch No Man's Sky
11) When the ReShade loads, press "SHIFT F2" to open ReShade menu
12) Select "Continue"
13) From the drop down navigation bar under "Home" select this downloaded preset "SweetFX_Settings_No Man's Sky_Cinematic Voyage"
14) Select "Continue", then select "Continue", and lastly select "Finish"
15) Look through the ReShade tabs if desired or close the menu ("SHIFT F2" can close it)
*16) It is recommended to set "Configuration Mode" to "Performance Mode" for "Usage Mode" under the "Settings" tab to render the ReShade variables to a static state when you are ready to play the game

*In the ReShade menu in the "Home" tab make sure only these effects are checked if you want the proper, intended overall effect:
- AdaptiveSharpen
- AmbientLight
- BloomAndLensFlares
- Clarity
- ColorMatrix
- DepthHaze
- MatsoDOF
- EyeAdaption
- FilmicPass
- Levels
- Tint
- TiltShift
- Tonemap
The other effects are extra options that you may use if you choose to. For example, enabling "AdaptiveFog" will add a white fog in the distance to create a scene with more character and atmosphere which may be good for setting up screenshots. "Border" (aka letterbox) will enable black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. "DisplayDepth" will add a silhouette, simple colored filtered effect (similar to a few of Middle-earth: Shadow of War's photo mode filters) which you may be interested in for using in screenshots. The three "LightDoF..." effects should be used together and would be used whilst in photo mode and you are focusing the camera up close to something and you want the background blurred (disable "MatsoDOF" when trying to achieve this). "Monochrome" is a black and white effect. 

*Check out the "Settings" tab in the ReShade menu to examine or set keybindings and settings such as the "Overlay Key", "Effects Toggle Key", "Screenshot Key", and "Screenshot Format".
The "Scroll Lock" key is a common keybinding for the ReShade toggle.

*"SHIFT F2" is the default keybind to open the ReShade menu (the "Overlay Key" mentioned above). For this particular game, I personally use "Delete" for the ReShade menu.

1) Navigate to <YOUR DRIVE>:\Steam\steamapps\common\No Man's Sky\binaries
2) Delete:
- reshade-shaders [folder]
- opengl32.ini
- opengl32.dll
- OPENGL32.log
- SweetFX_Settings_No Man's Sky_Cinematic Voyage"

v1.1 - Increased gamma for a less contrasted image. You can see better in shadowed areas which are not quite nearly pitch black as before. A slight tweaking but still noticeable.