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Twenty nanites for a rare creature? You deserve better.

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Better Scanning Rewards
Now updated for NEXT 1.55!

You've finally installed that last S-Class Scanner upgrade. You're getting millions of units for scanning those unique creatures and plants. Why shouldn't you get more nanites, too?


Rewards for uploading discoveries is increased by 500%.
Optionally, you can use an alternative version that also increases monetary rewards for scanning:
Flora/Fauna: Small increase, but this still makes scanner upgrades much more effective.
Minerals: Now grants 10k Units instead of 200.

Update 1.2: Reworked for NEXT 1.55 compatibility. Added standalone file "Geologist's Delight" for those who only want to change Mineral scan rewards.


Place either version (ONLY ONE!) of _NaturalistsDelight.pak in your mods folder (/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS).
(Create a MODS folder if one does not exist.)
Delete or rename "DISABLEMODS.TXT"

Note: This mod is incompatible with other mods that modify the DEFAULTREALITY.MBIN. That means you cannot use this along with the excellent Nanites Available for Purchase mod. Sorry!

This mod was created using tub0crisco's No Man's Sky Modding Station