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Less farming. More excitement! More nanites!

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Let's be honest--the most important resource in Next is the Almighty Nanite Cluster. The aim here is to increase gains across the board in a (somewhat) balanced fashion, while also making nanite-rewarding activities (such as killing pirates and Sentinels) more exciting.


Nada's gifts are doubled in value.
Sentinel drones and dogs drop slightly more nanites.
Sentinel walkers can potentially drop many more nanites.
Nearly all other sources of nanites (jobs, buried tech, etc.) have seen an increase in the maximum reward.
This means that while the lowest possible reward remains the same, it's possible to see much higher numbers of nanites.
For example: High-end jobs can still pay out 250-300 nanites, or they might pay out as much as 600! 


Place _BetterNaniteRewards.pak in your mods folder (/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS).
(Create a MODS folder if one does not exist.)
Delete or rename "DISABLEMODS.TXT"

Note: This mod is incompatible with other mods that modify the REWARDTABLE.MBIN

This mod was created using tub0crisco's No Man's Sky Modding Station