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For a true long-haul fleet. Significantly increases Freighter warp distance.

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A very straightforward mod. Since it looks like Freighter Hyperdrive upgrades are not currently in-game, this addon gives Freighter drives a boost to make your fleet into a true long-haul trading outfit.


Increases base-level (C-Class) warp range by 400%, from a baseline of 100LY to 500LY.
All subsequent tiers of Freighters are based on this new minimum--in other words, every Freighter class should have 400LY added on to its range.


Place _BetterFreighterWarp.pak in your mods folder (/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS).
(Create a MODS folder if one does not exist.)
Delete or rename "DISABLEMODS.TXT"

Note: This mod is incompatible with other mods that modify the NMS_REALITY_GCTECHNOLOGYTABLE.MBIN

This mod was created using tub0crisco's No Man's Sky Modding Station