No Man's Sky

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Various graphical tweaks to turn this into No Child's Sky

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The philosophy is contrast and immersion, there can be no dark if everything is light, no vibrancy if everything is colorful. Everyone wants sugar until they are sick.

This mod removes:
Chromatic Aberration
Depth of Field
Vignette (Including faux-Binocular vignette)

This mod tweaks:
Version 1.
-Global Color (Much less red)
-Space Color (Very Dark)
-Rim Lighting (Lowers, Does not remove)
-Nebulaes (They are now subtle)
-Clouds (Little more transparent and less Super Mario 64 white puffs)
-Cloud Noise Textures (Higher Resolution)
-Warp (Feel the gods pulling you to your destination, gently.)
-LOD (Level of Detail)
Version 2.
-Sky Noise (Lowered Greatly, clear night skies boys.)
-Distant Planet Colors (they are their natural color when gazing through the night)
-Warp/Pulse/Boost/Space Lines (Reduced and tweaked, not removed)
-Dual Compasses Removed :^)
-Rim Lighting (Reduced Further)
-Landscape Fog (Reduced)