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HD Atmospheric Clouds

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This mod is an overhauled atmospheric cloud texture based on Scooterbaga 's HD Clouds mod 4K texture (8192x4096 pixels).

Scooterbaga's Nasa2 texture is very nice because it's a 4x version of the original game texture but looking at it more closely, I discovered it had a lot of issues here and there, so I did a big pass on it and tried to fix everything I noticed.

So this mod fixes the following issues from Scooterbaga's texture (see the last screenshot for a snapshot of my work) :
- removed a sometimes very visible seam appearing verticaly over all the planet at tiling position
- fixed tiling missmatch clouds
- filled holes, low transparency corrections and softened cloud cuts
- removed black dot lines, speckles and scratches


Note :
- you can also use Rotating Cloud Shader to see this HD texture in motion

history :
v1.3 : updated for 1.75 game version (Visions)
v1.2 : updated for NEXT 1.58 to 1.65
v1.1 : updated for NEXT 1.57
v1.0 : original NEXT version

Compatibility : 
- You can find if this mod is compatible with latest game version on this page
- This mod can't be used along any other mod modifying the followinf files: